Pecchia: Verona Easy to Fretter

Pecchia: Verona Easy to Fretter

Pecchia: Verona Easy to Fretter

Hellas Verona coach Fabio Pecchia wants the team not to be discouraged after losing 3-0 at home to Lazio.

“Talking about the injury crisis of Lazio and not our players, this is very unfair. We performed well on Wednesday and defended well, but after the penalty, the shadows of the past haunt us back and we lost confidence, “Pecchia told Mediaset Premium.

There are rumors saying that the Bentegodi side are looking for a replacement for the current coach due to the poor start of the season.

“I feel confidence is in the club, I also have confidence in my team. The statistics are hard to see right now, but we have to move on and get better. Defeat is a defeat, no good defeat. ”

“Rumor Verona will be looking for another coach that will fill my seat that has been going on for months, not just this week. We played wholeheartedly against Sampdoria and managed to get one point, so there’s no reason why we can not do it again. We need the right attitude and not be discouraged once we lose. ”

“Against Sampdoria is the only game of the season where we really create the impression that we can harm the opponent. Today we have no strong aggression and determination, both in terms of attacking and defending. “

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