Sriwijaya FC Change Team Manager

Sriwijaya FC Change Team Manager

Sriwijaya FC Change Team Manager

Sriwijaya FC President Dodi Reza Alex suddenly replaced the team manager Agen Judi. Positions that have been held Nasrun Umar is now carried Ucok Hidayat.

This step is in an effort to improve the performance of Sriwijaya FC in League 1 2017 competition. Previously, Dodi has met with the entire group of Laskar Wong Kito supporters. After the meeting, management again held a meeting and coach Sriwijaya FC Governor of South Sumatra Alex Noerdin, Tuesday (26/09/2017) ago.

“We are from the management did a meeting and led directly by the coach of Sriwijaya FC in order to improve the performance of teams that had declined in some previous matches,” said Dodi told in Palembang, Wednesday (27/09/2017).

Based on the guidance of the coach of Sriwijaya FC, it was decided to do some refresher in a number of positions. One of them is replacing Nasrun Umar as team manager with Ucok Hidayat, who is Head of Public Works Department of Bina Marga Sumsel.

“This refresher is to improve the performance and Mr. Nasrun Umar will be more concentrated to his main task as Secretary of the Provincial (Sekda) of South Sumatera Provincial Government He has now had an extraordinary activity and in the future some important agendas such as the 2018 Asian Games event are waiting, “said Regent Musi Banyuasin this.

It also thanked and appreciated the figure of Nasrun Umar who has served the position of manager since late 2015 ago. In addition to the manager position, Finance Director of PT SOM also changed and President Director of PDPDE Yaniarsa became the new captain to replace Yuliar.

“This change is also for the refresher because Yuliar currently also has a busyness in Sekayu so it is decided to change, we also thank the contribution for this and hopefully can further improve the performance of Sriwijaya FC team, the pride of the people of South Sumatra in the rest of the League 1 Indonesia 2017 , “he concluded.

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