Bali United's Sharp Striker Asked for Future

Bali United's Sharp Striker Asked for Future

Bali United’s Sharp Striker Asked for Future

The Bali United striker Sylvano Dominique Comvalius is still unwilling to reveal his future plans after this season is over. Although happy to live in Indonesia, but he is still considering to extend his contract

Sylvano is the top scorer of League 1 for now. The Dutch striker has scored 30 goals and seven assists.

No wonder Bali United were in second place standings. Seridian Tridatu collected 55 points from 22 matches.

“I do not know about the future, it’s business later, I still need a discussion before making a decision,” said Sylvano, Thursday (12/10/2017).

“But to be honest I really like staying here, it’s like my own house,” he added.

Sylvano also revealed the focus now is to bring Bali United champion. Especially the competition to finish a few more matches.

“If Bali United are the new champions I will talk about the future, which I definitely want to bring this club to play in the Champions League,” said Sylvano.

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