Romelu Lukaku Not Great Striker In The Eyes Paul Scholes, What Reasons?

Romelu Lukaku Not Great Striker In The Eyes Paul Scholes, What Reasons?

Romelu Lukaku Not Great Striker In The Eyes Paul Scholes, What Reasons?

Paul Scholes said that Romelu Lukaku is not very good in terms of passing the opponent, by bringing the ball from outside the penalty box to be a goal opportunity He claims that the Belgian striker is only good as a targetman.

Following Manchester United’s 4-2 win at Watford at midweek, there was one player who got the sharp spotlight once again he was Lukaku.

Ex bomber Everton and Chelsea was still comfortable with his goal drought. Lukaku has scored one goal in his last 11 appearances. Though at the beginning of the season as no problem, because he was able to score seven goals in seven matches in the Premier League.

Jose Mourinho also gave a defense that Lukaku need to get a contract from aparel shoes to support their performance on the field.

“I think he needs a contract with shoes. At the moment, he has no contract whatsoever with any brand, that’s why he’s wearing black shoes! “Reads a Portuguese tactical defender’s defense.

However, what the real problem no one knows. So back to the player, it’s up to Lukaku now. He must return sharply, or before Mourinho starts thinking of changing his position with Ibrahimovic.

Lukaku is just ferocious in front of goal

While other opinions emerged from one of the greatest legends of all time the Red Devil, Paul Scholes. According to him, Lukaku must keep playing in front of the opponent’s goal like a killer striker, he can not bring the ball and scored in his own way. He needs to get support from the second line alias bait mature in front of goal.

“His goal instinct [Lukaku] is running out, I think he got out of the box too often. He is the type of penalty boxer who became my concern when he first joined, “said Scholes.

“He’s not good enough to do that, to beat a player with his own foot from outside the penalty box, he has to hand that task over to other players, this is not the type of game.”

“This type of game is what I expect from United where they have control in the midfield where the midfielders have to support my Lukaku.”

It must be admitted, Lukaku is the type of killer striker and his job is just waiting for the ball inside the opponent’s penalty box. There have been many moments where he was so very dangerous when it was facing one on one with the goalkeeper.

The Red Devils already have quite a lot of creative midfielders, so no more Lukaku provide help with picking up the ball too far. Like what Scholes try to offer a solution for the former club. What about you United fans, do you agree with the legend? (Source: Manchester Evening News)

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