There’s A Janitor At Your Service

At your service milady. At your service milord. He tips his cap quite politely indeed. It is no longer a uniform cap. There is no longer a need for that much formality when you are rolling your sleeves up for some very dirty work indeed. It would have been highly impractical. Janitorial services in Seattle, WA are essentially clean cut, although some of the cleaning guys are allowed to wear their beards all fuzzy like.

The rough and tumble look can be quite fashionable, you know. They are not wearing those uniform caps those garbage disposal gentlemen used to wear back in grandma’s day. And good golly, they’re wearing their baseball caps back to front. Aww, that’s still quite alright. Just better hope it’s not a Dodgers cap. Whatever will the locals think. All they want is a clean yard. And maybe some clean talk if there’s still time.

Janitorial services in Seattle, WA

But maybe not. Probably still got another half a dozen plots to go before the shift ends. Such is the demand of these guys’ work. They’re so popular, they may as well be celebrities. Well, that might not be such a bad idea after all. Considering all the work that they’re doing for you folks. Well, some of you anyway. Because there are those who have yet to tap into the good service. Such good service. Give them all badges.

No, not Noddy badges. They expect no favors. They work with distinction. Sterling work indeed. Give them badges of distinction. Give them badges of recognition. Recognition for all the hard work they’re doing for your city. And they don’t all have to move around. Yes, you can do that. You can station a janitor right there on your very own property.