Could Suboxone Help You?

If you have ever known someone who has dealt with an addiction to opiates, then you have probably heard the term suboxone before. Many people will hear this term, but might not know exactly what it is until the information is pertinent to their life. So what is suboxone, anyway?

Suboxone is a type of medicine that is given to patients who have dealt with opiate addiction. It helps to alleviate and manage withdrawal symptoms, and helps patients overcome that addiction over time, as suboxone brings the symptoms of withdrawal down to levels where the patient can manage and cope with them a lot easier. How does it work, though? Generally, through a process approved and overseen by a medical professional.

Here’s how it generally goes:

1. Getting started.

Before ever taking suboxone for the first time, the patient must not have any opiates in their body. Taking suboxone before the symptoms of withdrawal have begun to show themselves can actually make the symptoms a lot worse, so make sure you follow the suggestions on this before taking suboxone for the first time.

When the first signs of withdrawal begin to show up, the suboxone will be given to the patient by a medical professional.

2. Stabilizing.

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This step involves having the patient’s personal dose of suboxone either brought up or down. This is decided based on the patient’s individual needs after about a week of the first suboxone treatments.

3. Maintenance and detoxing.

The final steps are maintenance and detox, where the patient will slowly begin to taper off their suboxone treatments, and then detox completely. This is an important final step in the detox process, and it is important that the patient is allowed to go through this process under the supervision of trained medical professionals in case something goes wrong. When it is done, the patient will be ready to be released back into the world, living their newly sober life.

If this sounds like something that could help you or someone you care about, think about reaching out to your doctor and see if suboxone maintenance st simons ga could be a good option for you to consider.