Do it Yourself: Rid Your Yard of Ticks

It only takes being bitten by a tick a couple of times before you get ready to dive in and find ways to get rid of them, so you can quit worrying about having to deal with them. You do yourself a great service by going ahead and getting rid of any ticks that might be in your yard, since they could be potential carriers of disease, and just irritating in general.

When you’re ready to begin fighting off the ticks in your yard, you can benefit from some information that could really come in handy in getting the bugs out of your property. Can you really have too much help when it comes to something like getting rid of ticks?

DIY Methods For Tick Removal

You can consider trying some of these simple at-home solutions for getting rid of ticks in your yard:

Try treating the lawn yourself. You can purchase your own tick spray relatively cheaply at many outdoor and lawn stores. Just walk around your property and carefully spray it. It should be a decent help in pushing some of the ticks away.

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Get rid of tick breeding grounds. Ticks love to hang out and breed in cool, tall grass or brushy areas. If you have grown-up weeds or brush in the yard, try taking them down to reduce the hiding and breeding spots for ticks that could be in your lawn.

Keep your lawn cut short! This is a common tip for getting rid of ticks, but it can’t be repeated enough since this is the main spot that ticks hide.

If you have tried all of these steps to seemingly no avail, and still find ticks crawling around your property, then it might be time to turn to your best bet for making sure the ticks are gone. The local residential tick control wright professionals have all of the equipment and experience necessary in pushing ticks out of yards all over, so get in touch with them if you have no luck with any of the steps outlined above.